Why are you here?

Are you looking for short, simple, entertaining posts to kill your time?

Or perhaps you need a spot for your ad?

You’re in the wrong place.

Makeup products are a serious topic. It’s what we put on our skin, on our face, to look pretty, different, original, more like ourselves. It’s one way of showing self-care and self-love. It’s what gives us confidence, and it shouldn’t be messed with.

This blog is not for advertising products.

Also, this is not a beauty blog, but it is a place to discuss beauty.

So don’t expect traditional, copy-paste posts without substance.

If you don’t like analytical aspect of this blog, you probably shouldn’t be here.

The Premise

Beauty Revised is about truth, contrast and color.

Its intention is to highlight both good qualities and flaws of a product in long form and color photography.

To learn from mistakes and celebrate excellence.

To educate people – you – about what they are buying and using.

Makeup reflects who we are: our attitude, mood, personal philosophy. It gives us a sense of freedom in this chaotic world. Whether your daily routine is simple as a moisturizer and a red lipstick, or you’re into full face of luxury products, makeup gives us a chance to be someone we’ve always wanted to be.

This is a catalog of very long beauty product reviews and constructive criticism, aimed towards making user experience and product design better.

After all, it’s a 21st century, and things should be better by now. Including makeup.

Who am I?

I am a content creator and photographer by day and a makeup enthusiast by night. Just like you I like to know as much as possible about a certain product before buying it, so my never-ending search for informative and extensive makeup reviews made this blog possible.

Here you will learn which makeup and beauty products are worth your time.