Berry red lipstick, a lip brush and a brush stroke.

6 Little Known Reasons To Invest In a Lip Brush

Using a lipstick brush is like eating a fluffy cupcake with a fork. It allows you to do your lips more precisely in a more elegant way.

Honestly, do you need a brush for applying a lipstick?

If you’re a girl that owns a lipstick or maybe two, if only nudes are your thing or you believe the only appropriate time for having lips painted are birthdays, date nights and holidays, then applying lipstick from the tube (or with an applicator) is simple and effective enough.

But if you’re into flawless lips and mixing pigments, you’re going to want it. Here are 6 reasons you should have a lipstick brush.

1. For precision

Your lipstick might be just rolled off the production line and sharp as a knife, but it will never shape your cupid’s bow like a thin and dense lip brush. Being so precise, brushes can replace a lip liner. They come in different shapes, but their main purpose is to help you to fill in all those hard-to-reach places of your lips or correct mistakes.

2. For long-lasting effect

Precision eyeshadow brush for applying lipstick? Why not.
Note the charming color of Wet N Wild Silk Finish lipstick (shade Just Garnet).

Long-lasting application is almost impossible without this tool. Even if you skip on your lip pencil, applying lipstick with a brush still makes a difference if you need a lasting effect. Whether you use lip pots, liquids or lipstick in tubes, just scrape off or squeeze small amount of pigment on your makeup tray (any clean tray or plate) and play with colors. Or you can just dip the brush directly in a desired lip tint and apply on your lips.

It’s easy once you know how to make your lipstick last longer. Fill the lips in and try to apply as much of the product as you can the first time. Blot. Reapply. Blot. Not that hard, right?

3. To blend lip pencil and lipstick

To create a seamless transition between these two products, dab your lipstick on with a brush and then move your brush back and forth to blur the sharp pencil line. Especially if your lip pencil is a shade or two (or more) darker than your lip tint.

4. To mix shades

Admit it. Deep down in your soul you’re an artist.

The idea of mixing colors and creating something new that suits your needs is very appealing. And you don’t have to be a professional artist to adjust your lipstick color to your liking – just use a brush and combine pigments. Brush allows you to create interesting effects or custom hues and shades.

5. It’s more hygienic.

Your cream products will last longer if not in direct contact with skin.

It’s a different story with powders, but creams like lipsticks become easily contaminated with germs which can cause skin infections. It goes without saying to use a clean applicator or brush when applying makeup on yours or someone else’s face. Always clean and sanitize your makeup and makeup applicators before use.

Don’t share lipsticks, don’t share lip brushes. Ever.

6. As a statement piece.

There is so much grace in applying a lip product with a brush. It doesn’t have to be expensive for you to pull off the Audrey Hepburn and show off your skill and chicness. If a lipstick brush is what your purse needs, beware of brushes without a cap that are not retractable.