The Can’t-Miss Face Powder for Radiant Skin – Srichand Glowing Loose Powder

Here’s what to know about this face powder

So, here’s a thing – I like my face powder to have rosy champagne tint, to be loose in texture so the powder dust scatters all over the place, and a bit translucent, so that it looks more natural and blends in with skin.

And this face powder has just that

Srichand Glowing Loose Powder exotic blue packaging.
Blue aesthetics, flower on the packaging, elegance in design – this just reminds me of what a beautiful country Thailand is.

The shade, the texture, the packaging.

Srichand Glowing Loose Powder is a face powder in a shade between creamy champagne and rosy bisque.

Not just beige, and not that yellow. It’s like very light apricot sherbet.

The powder has subtle and very fine shimmery particles. It makes my very fair skin even more light, and adds a luminous finish. This face powder is from a Thai beauty brand named Srichand.

The dewy finish

The finish looks natural, but dewy, which isn’t that flattering on my skin as it emphasizes texture.

The shimmer is so fine it gives your skin pearly shine, which doesn’t turn out that perfect if you have scars or large pores.

It’s kind of like wearing a light hand of a highlighter all over your face. Not what I would expect from a face powder.

Srichand Glowing Loose Powder next to an orchid.
Srichand Glowing Loose Powder.

On the packaging it says it’s a “silky soft” loose powder with ultra-fine pearl particles. It is ideal for every skin tone and it’s perfect for oily skin. It also “brightens the complexion” and makes your skin radiant.

All true. Fine shiny particles really do make you look almost angelic, and the first comment I got after applying it was how whiter my face is than usual.

Light coverage

This Srichand powder is also semi-translucent with light to medium coverage. Any redness, skin damage or discoloration will still be visible after applying it.

For this reason, and because it’s brightening and not texture-friendly, this is not my go-to powder. I usually apply a medium coverage liquid foundation beforehand, and put this powder lightly on my skin. It’s more for the glow and to set the foundation, then to cover something.

On the brighter side, it’s comfortable to wear.

The packaging done right

Srichand Glowing Loose Powder packaging.
If I were to have an opportunity to buy another Srichand powder, I would for sure.

I choose makeup/beauty products based on their functionality, but I love when the packaging is done right.

And this product is pure joy.

This is not just a bunch of powder packed in a cheap, ordinary plastic box.

You know that feeling of happiness while applying and wearing the product, you can hear the angels singing? This is it.

This packaging is moderately heavy, doesn’t feel like it could easily break. It has a glass container for a powder and a plastic cap that you have to swirl to close. No chance of it accidentally opening in your bag.

You also have a mirror on the lid, which is not practical as it will get very dusty.

Ingredients – what and why?

The ingredients list is long.

Srichand Glowing Loose Powder powder.
A long list of tongue-twisters to make your skin feel smooth, moisturized and gentle, and to ensure your powder has velvet texture.

Some of the ingredients are there to enhance the experience of the product (polymethylsilsesquioxane), improve the texture of the skin (polymethylsilsesquioxane), improve the texture of the product (octyldodecanol, polymethyl methacrylate, boron nitride), for shimmery effect (mica), for skin-conditioning and retaining moisture (decylene glycol, phenyl trimethicone, octyldodecanol), for a soft feel on the skin and reducing dry skin caused by pigments (lauroyl lysine), for reducing the clear appearance of the cosmetic product (aluminium hydroxide, zinc oxide), for creating a barrier for makeup to stick to (methicone), to mainly keep oily skin matte (hydrated silica), for lubricating effect (boron nitride), for coating pigments and improving consistency in ingredients (triethoxycaprylylsilane), for pigment bonding ingredient (hydrogen dimethicone, triethoxycaprylylsilane), for anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect (hydroxyapatite), for thickening and binding other ingredients together (cellulose), and for blurring effect (polymethyl methacrylate). Titanium dioxide (a white colorant) is considered a possible carcinogen at its nano form and generally may pose a health concern when inhaled, but its particles in cosmetics cluster together, so predominantly they are not a health hazard.

It also has sunflower seed oil, black currant seed oil, balloon plant flower/leaf/vine extract and rosemary leaf extract.

If you’re ever interested in safety of makeup ingredients, check these websites:

Srichand Glowing Loose Powder packaging.


To use Srichand Glowing Loose Powder is to feel like a loving house cat on a birthday – this product is just a way to pamper yourself.

It’s perfect for very fair and even skin, if brightening and glowy finish is what you need.

I like the luxuriousness of this face product, but I don’t use it often, and I don’t believe I ever will. I usually apply it when I’m feeling grand, over Bourjois liquid foundation. It’s the best for extravagant, a la New Years Eve let’s-put-glitter-everywhere kind of look.